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88% of movie theater seats are empty because of Netflix, Redbox, pirated films, non-peak showtimes, and box office bombs. Dealflicks partners with you to fill your empty seats.

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We are expert marketeers and employ the latest technology to get you results faster than anyone else on the market.

88% of movie theater seats are empty

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There's a reason why theaters across the country love Dealflicks more than the other comparable alternatives.

Dealflicks Daily Deals Discounted Gift Certificates
Cost to Theater 20% of revenue 40-50% of revenue 20% of revenue
Customer Discount You Choose 50% off 25-35% off
Specific Showtimes Yes No No
Specific Movies Yes No No
Specific Dates Yes No No
Inventory Controls Yes No No
Yes No No
Vouchers Expire After Showtime Never Never
Simple Logistical
Yes Yes Yes

What others are saying.

Hear from other exhibitioners about why they're signing up.

"Since launching, we've seen a steady flow of new customers coming to our theater. Dealflicks has helped us reach a totally new demographic. We recommend other theaters give them a try."

Judy Kim, Owner
Gardena Cinema

"The concept is simple. The idea is to bring people into our theater that don't go to the movies and have them try it out. We're hoping to sell seats that normally would not be sold."

George Gohl, General Manager
Greenfield Garden Cinemas

"Like others, we've used Groupon in the past, but they charged 50% of revenues, after the 50% discount. 25 cents on the dollar is impossible for us. Dealflicks' low cost and flexibility is a Win/Win."

Scott Satori, General Manager
Aurora Cineplex

"Dealflicks has been great to work with since day one. Everything is extremely theater-friendly and customizable. Logistics are so easy, even with our cash only theater. A no brainer to signup."

Jenny Song, General Manager
Venture Cinemas

"Since Dealflicks covers 100% of the marketing costs, and since there's no signup fee, monthly fees, cancelation fees whatsoever, there was no risk to sign up."

Audrey Marr, General Manager
Grand Lake Theater

Dealfilcks is a real pleasure to do business with, they get personal, and adapt to your needs. And...there's no cost or risk! I highly recomned Dealflicks, and your customers will appreciate it."

Shaffie-Al Balgobin, General Manager
Jackson Heights Cinema

Frequently Asked Questions

There's a reason why theaters across the country love Dealflicks more than the other comparable alternatives.

Who else is doing it?
Our 500+ theater partners include Carmike Cinemas, Bow Tie Cinemas, B&B Theatres, Emagine Entertainment, Camera Cinemas, UltraStar Cinemas, Edge Theaters, Spotlight Theatres, Reel Cinemas, State Theatres, and more.

How much of a discount do I have to offer?
You can choose the discounts you want to offer. Our theater partners offer discounts anywhere from 10-60% off. You can also choose different discounts for different deals. For example, a ticket + soda offer could be 35% off, and a 2 tickets + 2 sodas + popcorn offer could be 50% off.

How does Dealflicks make money?
We take 20% of revenues that are generated via our Dealflicks platform.

Are there any setup fees to get started with Dealflicks?

Are there any monthly minimums or monthly requirements?

Are there any monthly or annual fees with Dealflicks?

How do I prevent fraudulent activity from taking place? Customers making photocopies, making fake vouchers, etc.
Our backend system handles all these situations. After a customer arrives at the box office, your box office attendant can redeem the voucher. Then, if anyone else tries to use the same voucher number, you'll know that it's been used. Also, if someone tries to use a fake voucher number, you'll see that it's not in the system.

What is Dealflicks' relationship with Warner Brothers?
Dealflicks was selected to be a part of Warner Brothers' inaugural Media Camp program in the summer of 2013. The program provides training, mentorship, and some seed capital. More information about the program can be found on the official Media Camp website and on the accompanying WB press release.

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